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Real time alerts for postal deliveries !

Now, there is no need for post office box owners to waste their time to go and open empty boxes because they are expecting letters or parcels.

With BoxBuzz, they will be sent instant text messages on their mobile phones from their Post Offices whenever they receive a letter or parcel in their boxes.

Use BoxBuzz to manage your Post Offices, Pigeon Holes, and Parcel Deliveries.

Create Alerts Easily And Quickly   Multiple Channels To Make Entries   Alert PO Box Owners In Real Time
It is easy to create alerts on BoxBuzz through our intuitive web user-interface. Just upload a file containing all the Box numbers which have received letters or parcels and BoxBuz will do the rest.   You can make entries to alert the owners of the Post Office Boxes in three simple ways: web, SMS through a BoxBuzz number and USSD*. It requires less or no Internet Connectivity.   Owners will receive instant messages (SMS) on their mobile phones whenever alerts are created by the post office. They can also check on their mobile phones using the mobile app, SMS or USSD*



Launched October 2013 at   in Nairobi, Kenya.

Adding Speed And Technology To Postal Delivery Systems.
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